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Piper's Picks TV has been in production since 2007! We're the longest running online entertainment news show on the planet! Industry accredited host and red carpet reporter PIPER REESE is an Internet phenomenon; an influencer; a Nickelodeon, Disney XD and cITV actor; and and cult classic with young kids through adult (many viewers older than Piper started watching in middle school and are now college grads!). The show is 1000% positive high energy and upbeat! She's also an A honors student and a real role model for the younger set. Some of our guests include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Hanks, Ann Hathaway, Jesse Eisenberg, Tina Fey, Steve Carrel, Idina Menzel, John Lasseter, and just about anyone you’ve watched on Disney and Nick…from Ariana Grande to Selena Gomez, Hilary Duff, Jace Norman, Jennette McCurdy, R5, Laura Marano, Miranda Cosgrove, and more! The "Princess of the Press" is always G rated! Follow us on Twitter...Find us on Facebook...Inspect us on Instagram...Pin us on Pinterest! We're @PipersPicksTV everywhere.
PipersPicks #048 (small): Savannah Outen Interview, Singing, and Disney World vs. Disneyland at Piper's Picks Planetary HQ!

OMG!!!  Did we FORGET about the PIPER'S PICKS series while getting all those Piper's QUICK Picks episodes out!  NO WAY!  Hiatus is OVER baby!  It's BACK and we have some MAJOR catching up to do!  Some of you might remember a BiZzArOiD pic of a monstrous pizza, a super-pretty singer, and a Piper that hit our Facebook and Twitter accounts…well…the time has finally come to unleash the episode!  YEAH BABY!  It's SAVANNAH OUTEN…and not in some random location…SAVANNAH is our first full sit-down episode completely filmed on location at PIPER'S PICKS PLANETARY HEADQUARTERSSAVANNAH is mega-awesome…and super-sweet…that makes her PiPeRiFiC-ExTrEmE!  Savannah is about to launch around the country on TVs at your favorite restaurants!  Stay Toooned…and…without any further delay…check out our friend…SAVANNAH OUTEN!

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OMG!  It's HERE!!!  The PRINCESS OF THE PRESS interviews CODY SIMPSON!!!  THIS is the episode YOU guys have been asking for!  The Planet's one and only professional TWEEN entertainment reporter, red carpet interviewer, double-show host and ToTaL TaLk-a-HoLiC PIPER REESE sits down with Australia's mega-kewl POP STAR CODY SIMPSON!  CODY is ToTaLLy PiPeRiFiC-EXTREME!  When we first heard All Day, we knew CODY would be nebular-huge!  As of the the date this episode is launching, he has over 950,000 followers on Twitter!!!  HOLY PiPeRoNi!!!  We caught up with CODY at the GROVE in LA when he was doing his first show with GREYSON CHANCE (yes...the interview is in the werks)!  The show was AwEsOmE!!!  The interview...2 kewl 2 freeze!

This is the most nebular episode we've EVER released!  Months in the making...new graphics...new effects...updated PIPER!  THIS episode gets the PIPER'S PICKS TV series up2date with Piper's QUICK Picks!  MOST important....CODY SIMPSON!!!!!!!!!  This the 103rd episode in the combined Piper's Picks series...serieses!?  Check it out, y'all! 

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The pace has picked up on the Piper's QUICK Picks™ series and now we're getting back to the full length one that started it all - the original Piper's Picks® TV series is BACK, baby!  We've got some BIG TIME catchin' up to do!  So herrrrrre we goooo!

Shortly before running into some major nebulastasis, the planet's one and only tween entertainment reporter and red carpet interviewer (...and talk show host, Princess of the Press, planet's youngest podcaster, and really fun kid) PIPER REESE sat down a super-PiPeRiFiC star from the HIgh School Musical and the NEW ABC FAMILY show "Switched at Birth", LUCAS GRABEEL!!!!  

Lucas is an incredibly talented actor, dancer and singer...and a super-kewlio guy.  He's got constant projects going on.  PIPER dropped in to the set of the rock musical series "I Kissed a Vampire"!  We met the cast and Lucas's awesome sister, Autumn!  Everyone was awesome - and Lucas totally took the time to sit down and answer every question Piper could produce...and if ya know Piper...that's a lotta talkin' to listen to (just sayin').

So - without further delay...Piper's Picks finally presents...Piper's Picks TV #046: LUCAS GRABEEL!

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HOLY PIPERONI!!!  THIS has GOT to be the most LONG awaited, FUNNY, BIZARRE, PiPeRiFiC Piper's Picks® episode in the history of Piper's Picks TV!!  This was filmed a WHILE back when Tween Entertainment Reporter PIPER REESE visited the iCARLY set at NICK ON SUNSET in HOLLYWOOD!  PIPER REESE sits down with the MEGA-FUNNY bigger brother to CARLY SHAY...YUP, It's SPENCER SHAY!  AKA...JERRY TRAINOR!!!


BE SURE to check out our other iCARLY on-set episodes too!

Piper's Picks TV #040: Nathan Kress & Jennette McCurdy ON SET at iCarly!



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PipersPicks #044 (small): OMG...IT'S VICTORIA JUSTICE (with AVAN JOGIA)!!

YEAH BABY!  MEGA-PiPeRiFiC exclusive!  THIS is the very 1st VICTORIOUS interview after the show was announced!  Before those adult reporter-people even knew VICTORIOUS existed, the one & ONLY tween entertainment reporter, red carpet interviewer (...planet's youngest podcaster...Princess of the Press...insert more stuff here...) PIPER REESE sat down with the beautiful & talented actress, model, singer, and Earthling (yup...a QUADRUPLE threat) VICTORIA JUSTICE!!  Not only that...but Victoria showed up with Avan Jogia!!  


It's the 2nd of our two PiPeRiFiC PRE-VICTORIOUS VICTORIOUS interviews!!  OH...and one more thing...we'll be visiting Victoria and Avan again soon, y'all!  Check it, yo!  TeamPiper...out!


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Holy PiPeRoNi!!!  The Princess of the Press(tm) and Hollywood's youngest entertainment reporter Piper Reese (go on?  OK....the Planet's Youngest Podcaster too) sits down with the one and only...the beautiful Trina Vega!  Yeah Baby!  It's Daniella Monet!  This is one of our EXCLUSIVE cast interviews from before Victorious launched!  Daniella is really an incredible actress...and, according to Parker, she even plays Mario!  OH...one more thing!  GUESS who interrupts the show!  Yup, Spencer Shay himself, Jerry Trainor!


Check out out, baby!  


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Yeah Baby! Tween celebrity entertainment reporter Piper Reese sits down with iCarly's Reed Alexander!  The planet's youngest podcaster matches wits with Nevelocity's evil Nevel Papperman!  Plus!  A special crazy guest sends in a little message for us to pass on!   OOOH!  THEN, go visit Reed's new site for tweens and teens - Kewlbites.com!  Reed's like a genius in the kitchen!  He knows how to make gourmet stuff and stay healthy!  If you eat food, check out http://www.KewlBites.com (there's even a video featuring Piper on there)!

Guest Links: Reed's KewlBites!! | Reed's Twitter | KewlBites' Twitter
Our link: Piper's Picks TV on Twitter

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Super-Tween Hollywood entertainment reporter Piper Reese from Piper's Picks TV catches up with the beautiful and talented Ariana Grande from Nickelodeon's "Victorious" on the red carpet!  Check out chat when the Planet's Youngest Podcaster starts diggin' for details on Danwarp and Hungry Girl!  Witness what happens when a system override warps back to ANOTHER Ariana run-in!  It's another quirky Piper's QUICK Picks!  Check it out, yo!

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PipersPicks #041 (small): Carl the Intern (Phineas & Ferb's Tyler Mann)!!

World famous tween celebrity interviewer extraordinaire Piper Reese sits down with the iNcReDiBlY talented (and super nice guy) Tyler Alexander Mann!  YOU know him as "Carl the Intern" from "Phineas and Ferb!"  Tyler is one of the most talented high school show choir stars from one of the very top choirs in the country!  Yeah!  That's right.  How do we know?!  He was on OPRAH...WITH the cast of GLEE...AND we've been to the biggest high school pop show of them all, John Burroughs  Pop Show!!!  Yeah Baby!  Check out Tyler Mann!'

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Tween World Entertainment Reporter Extraordinaire Piper Reese Interview with Ryan Ochoa (for the first time!) about squirting Spencer on iCarly, Jake T. Austin, AND Disney's XD pick-up of his new show, "Pair of Kings" with Mitchel Musso and Doc Shaw!  Yeah Baby!  It's a Quick Picks with tons of tips!  Ryan ROX!  He's superdeeduper kewl, baby!

RYAN OCHOA talks iCARLY vs PAIR OF KINGS Interview Princess of the Press-PIPER REESE! (PQP 009)

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Tween Hollywood Celebrity Reporter Piper Reese in one of the quirkiest Piper's Quick Picks yet!  Piper totally wasn't expecting to talk to David Henrie!  Also...Jennifer Stone!  Jennifer is so sweet...and so smart!  Check it out y'all!


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Check it out y'all!  Tween wondergirl superstar reporter extraordinaire Piper Reese finally meets up with the super-kewl and mega-sweet actress behind True Jackson VP's Lulu, Ashley Argota!!!  Ashley is 100% super-nice and friends with another one of our favorites, Jennette McCurdy!  Did ya know that Ashley was on iCarly?  Yup, it's..."True"!  (OK...OK...we'll try to keep the puns to a minimum!)  Watch the background!  Bailee, Bella, Remy, and Brandon Smith are there!

Follow us:  http://www.Twitter.com/PipersPicksTV

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Tween reporter Piper Reese sits down with Brooke Scher!  Brooke's an actress, singer, 1st place winner from Miss Fitness in California, and 2nd place at Junior Miss Fitness at the World championship!  Brooke was less than a year old when she played "Baby Stephanie" in Friday the 13th (no, Piper has NOT seen that one!)

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PipersPicks #040 (small): Nathan Kress & Jennette McCurdy ON SET at iCarly!!

Yeah BABY!  World famous tween reporter Piper Reese is on the iCarly set with Jennette McCurdy AND Nathan Kress!  NOt only that...there's a super-kewl 3rd iCarly star (and a special friend of ours) is in this episode too!  It's the amazing Roxy Hunter...er...Mandy...no...it's Aria Wallace!  3 super awesome stars for the price of one in a jam-packed Piperific 40th episode!  

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PipersPicks #039 (small): iCarly Meets Piper (part 1) - Miranda Cosgrove!!

WHOAAA!!!  It's time, baby!  Tween super-reporter Piper Reese returns with one of the BiGgEsT Piper's Picks TV episodes of all time!!!  The planet's youngest podcaster meets up with TV's kewlest podcast and sits down with Carly herself...Miranda Cosgrove!!!  It's part one of the Piperiffic Piper's Picks iCarly Exposé!  The podcast about TV shows visits the TV show about a podcast!  Check it out, y'all! 

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PipersPicks #038 (small): Vincent Martella (It's Phineas!!) Yeah Baby!  We told ya this episode will be TOTALLY AWESOME!!  Piper sits down with Phineas himself, Vincent Martella!!  He's the super-talented star from "Phineas and Ferb" and "Everybody Hates Chris" (and a super-nice guy)!  It's Vincent, off the record and on Piper's Picks!  PLUS!  You've been asking about the hold-up between episodes!  WELL, Piper's dishin' the D&L!  Wait 'til you see where Piper's Picks is now and what's coming up!
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PipersPicks #037 (small): AnnaSophia Robb - The Interview!! Too Kewl Top Tween Reporter Extraordinaire PIPER REESE is back on the scene with an EXCLUSIVE sit down with one of Hollywood's BIGGEST young stars of the silver screen, ANNASOPHIA ROBB!!!!  Yeah baby, Piper got to talk with AnnaSophia straight off the red carpet at this year's Palm Beach International Film Festival!!  Check it out, y'all...and get sneak peaks on all the newest stuff going on at our website, Twitter, or Facebook!
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PipersPicks #036 (small): Piper Goes Hollywood! - Bella Thorne!! Super-cool Top Tween Reporter Piper Reese sits down with the beautiful Bella Thorne! Bella's worked with Taylor Lautner, Cody Linley, and some of the biggest names in Hollywood! Try Donald Sutherland...Christian Slater...Judd Nelson! Yeah, baby! Bella was nominated for a Young Artist Award for her incredible work on The O.C. too! Yay! Even Remy, Kaili, Dani & Voodoo get pulled into the mix on this one! Check it out, yo!
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PipersPicks #035 (small): Piper Goes Hollywood! - Allisyn Ashley Arm!!! Yeah Baby! World class kid entertainment reporter Piper Reese meets Zora herself...Yup, It's Allisyn Ashley Arm from Disney Channel's "Sonny with a Chance"!!! Allisyn spills the beans on Demi, Tiffany, "So Random", "Mackenzie Falls" and MORE! A certain pirate Piper's had a run-in with returns to sir up some trouble too, but things are under control in this 35th episode of Piper's Picks TV (full version only)! Time ran short, so make sure you see the full version on our site! Allisyn is Aweeesommmmme baby!! Check it out!
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PipersPicks #034 (small): SPECIAL REPORT with HUNGRY-GIRL Lisa Lillien! Tween Entertainment Reporter Piper Reese takes on HUNGRY-GIRL in a SPECIAL REPORT with Lisa Lillien herself! It's all about "200 Under 200", Vitatops and....iCarly!?!? Has Super Hungry-Girl met her match? Check it out! It's Piper-style, Baby!
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PipersPicks #033 (small): Piper Goes Hollywood! - Jake T. Austin! Oh, yeah! You don't have to be a wizard to know THIS is a BIG episode! Piper's talking to the kewlest of the Russo family wizards!!! Yup, It's Jake T. Austin...and we're talking WOWP, Diego, Underage...and MORE! You'll feel like your powers have been drained by Evilini if you miss this super-coolio episode! (This is also the 30th episode since we covered "Wizards of Waverly Place"! WOOT!). Check it out!
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PipersPicks #032 (small): Piper Goes Hollywood! - Dr. Doofenshmirtz & Major Monogram! It's the super-awesome 2nd part of Piper's interview with Dan Povenmire & Jeff "Swampy" Marsh!!! Yup! The mega-talented creators of "Phineas & Ferb" and the voices of Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz & Major Monogram are back!!! If you want the full version, make sure you get it from PipersPicks.TV...cause this one went into overtime, baby! You don't want to miss the D&L on the coolest cartoon on TV! Check it out!
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PipersPicks #031 (small): Piper Goes Hollywood! - Dan & Swampy (from Phineas & Ferb)! Yeah! We're back with the second episode in the Piper's Picks TV "Piper Goes Hollywood" series!! Piper's interviewing the 2 totally-coolest guys in the cartoon Universe! Yup, it's Dan Povenmire & Swampy Marsh!!...the creators of Disney's Phineas & Ferb!! This is super-awesome! SO awesome that we had to break up the episode into 2 parts (PLUS an incredible tour of the Phineas and Ferb studio...details later!) Are you really still reading the description!? Go watch!
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PipersPicks #030 (small): SPECIAL REPORT with JENNETTE McCURDY! Piper talks to Jennette McCurdy about her first MUSIC release! It's super-AWESOME! Jennette can act, ice skate, model...and SING...BIG TIME (yeah...that we we used the big letters). Jennette's voice is as pretty as Jennette! Go....get....the....SINGLE! Yeah BABY!
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PipersPicks #029 (small): Piper Goes Hollywood! Part 1 - Josh Sussman! We're BACK and the secret's out! It's Hollywood, Baby! Piper Reese and TeamPiper hit the ground running when we take the show to LA! This is just the beginnning...and it's HUGE...Hugh Normous, even! Yup, we've got Josh Sussman from Wizards of Waverly Place! So it's airplanes and interviews...and we're just gettin' started! Like we said...this is major Piper's Picks Business!
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PipersPicks #028 (small): Piper Interviews Aria Wallace (Part 2)!!! Kid's Entertainment Reporter Piper Reese and the awesome Aria Wallace talk iCarly, Aria's Music, Daylia, and just how to do an English accent! Yup, it's part 2 of the 2-parter, partner! Check it out...after you check out part one! The extended version is on the Piper's Picks TV website and iTunes...more singing...more talking...and even some dancing!
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PipersPicks #027 (small): Piper Interviews Aria Wallace (Part 1)!!! Roxy Hunter and Mandy both on one show! That's right, Kid's Entertainment Reporter Piper Reese interviews her super-awesomazable new friend, Aria Wallace!!!! Yup, Mandy from "iCarly"...Roxy from the "Roxy Hunter" movies! Aria spills the beans on Roxy Hunter, iCarly, her new CD...everything! This is part 1 of the 2-part interview.
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PipersPicks #026 (small): Twilight!! After getting tons of request to cover Twilight, kid's entertainment reporter Piper Reese takes on a PG-13 movie...Piper style, baby! Piper casts sunlight on Twilight, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, & Taylor Lautner! A little attitude...a lotta info!
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PipersPicks #025 (small): Piper's Poopers & Bloopers! It's the Super-Awesome Piper's Picks TV's 25th Episode Spectacular! Intergalactic tween entertainment reporter Piper Reese shows you bloopers you've never seen (and some poopers too)...from all of your favorite episodes...Jennette,Star Wars,HSM, Jonas,Selena, etc!! Don't miss the special 25th episode intro-remix!!! We made it, baby...#025!!
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PipersPicks #024 (small): Selena Gomez!! After receiving tons of requests from around the world, kid reporter (and World's Youngest Podcaster) Piper Reese covers one of her all time favorites! Selena Gomez!! The music! The movies! The TV show! The trivia! It's all Selena, baby! Yeah!
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Piper Reese goes for the real deal on pressing issues! Why did Sarah & Obama hog the TV? What does it mean to kids!? We get some answers from Principal Fulford! What do we kids need to know about it? Why can't anyone make it fun? We'll serve it up, PipersPicksTV Style!
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PipersPicks #022 (small): (Happy Halloween) Nightmare Before Christmas! Wacky Witch Wilomena Piperwell tries to take over the show while Piper Reese is off getting her Halloween costume! Piper pulls out the stops on Halloweentown with an investigation into a harrowing Halloween-Christmas holiday collision all for this week's big breakdown of "Nightmare Before Christmas!"
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Piper gets Wildcat wannabes into shape with this pre-requesite pep rally for students ready to attend the High School Musical: Senior Year theatrical release! Know what you need to know before the show!
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Piper spills all the beans on the info she's been gathering about Demi! Plus...Piper goes for plan B when her plan to get an interview with Demi Lovato doesn't work out!
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PipersPicks #019 (small): Harry Potter - Part 1 (Two Years, One Episode!) Welcome, students, to orientation for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Second year prefect Piper Reese will give you a first-hand look into our non-muggle world of magic and mayhem and events witch transpired during Harry's first two years in Gryffindor.
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Piper picks apart the differences between two great movies while not paying attention to how much chocolate she's eating during her breakdown of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!!!
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PipersPicks #017 (small): The Jonas Brothers - A Special Report! Piper Reese gets some mixed-up help with handling a huge, breaking story about the JONAS BROTHERS in an episode that's REALLY out-of-this-world!
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Piper Reese does her first interview...with Jennette McCurdy from Nickelodeon's iCarly (and a ton of other shows and commercials)! Thank you SOOO much Jennette!
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Description: Episode #015: A New Pick. Piper Reese talks to young padawans across the galaxy about Lucasfilm's first animated movie - Star Wars: The Clone Wars!
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PipersPicks #014 (small): iCarly! Class is in session when Piper Reese starts dishing the deal on iCarly, cafeteria style The kids podcast that talks about shows talks about the kids show about a podcast.
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Piper Reese gets Penelope to help her round up the lowdown on the Magnetix iCoaster in the first ever PipersPicks.TV toy trot! Yeeehawwww!
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PipersPicks #012 (small): Phineas & Ferb Piper Reese fishes out the phun on Disney's Phineas and Ferb! Our very first cartoon coverage ever! Even a secret agent platypus couldn't find this much info!
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Word has it that Hannah Montana is in the area! With a nibblet of help, Piper Reese tries to track down the star after serving up some good 'ole southern info! Hope somebody's mindin' the set while Piper's out!
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PipersPicks #010 (small): Pirates of the Caribbean (the Ride) Ayeee Mayteee, ye best be warned that this show's been comendeered by a rogue captain who bears a wicked resemblance to Piper Reese, but who has her eyes fixed on the gold. She's gonna plunder some info from the ride for ya, to be sure!
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PipersPicks #009 (small): Camp Rock Rocks! Piper rocks the box in her take on Disney’s hit movie for the summer, Camp Rock! It’s no campfire story. The reviews are pouring in! “It’s a ‘moss’ see episode” - The Moss Monster
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Piper Reese's Reece's Pieces help her get through the extra-terrestrial-turmoil when a visitor arrives in the middle of her look at the Stephen Spielberg classic, E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial! You don't want to miss this episode of PipersPicks.
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PipersPicks #007 (small): Trip to Toys R Us Piper talks toys and takes a trip to the famous toy store. Geoffrey's cousin really sticks his neck out to make a cameo on the show!
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PipersPicks #006 (small): The Suite Life of Zack and Cody It looks like we may have taken a wrong turn on the way to the Tipton Hotel!  Join Piper from her special spooky virtual-location at the Hollywood Tower Hotel as she busts open the baggage on "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody."  (Next time, we'll take the stairs!)
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Piper balances out the veggies with this in-depth review of Dunkin munchkins. Minimal hydrogenated oils were used in the production of this Pick!
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PipersPicks #004 (small):  Supergirl (the Movie) Did you see Supergirl, the Movie? Piper goes old school and takes flight with the 1984 Helen Slater movie about Kal-El's cute cousin, Kara Zor-El (aka Supergirl). Kryptonian-safe (no kryptonite was used in the making of this Pick).
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PipersPicks #003 (small):  Wizards of Waverly Place Every Pick is not what it seems when Piper starts messing with the balance of things during her review of Disney Channel's Wizards of Waverly Place!
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PipersPicks #002 (small):  Expedition Everest! Today we go barreling through a mountain on Expedition Everest! Anyone wanna tango with Animal Kingdom’s Yeti? I’ll show you how to my Yeti Dance!
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PipersPicks #001 (small):  Dominos Pizza Piper dishes the cheese on Dominos Pizza!
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PipersPicks #000 (small):  The Trailer The Official Trailer for Piper's Picks!
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